Apocalyptic Key EP

by Collapse (US)

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steve Love the punchy attack of the band coupled with Ashleigh's heartfelt and emotionally eviscerating vocal delivery - this was something very special.

You will be sorely missed by someone who only just found you. Favorite track: Turned Inward.
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released July 4, 2014

ashleigh: ;yrics, vocals
jhone: lyrics, guitar
mikey: guitar, vocals
anderson: bass
matthew: drums and recording

all songs by collapse

recorded at trumbullplex theater collective, detroit, april-may 2014
cover design by brach goodman

thanks and gratitude to the good people of the trumbull housing and theater collective. love and thanks to andru paul for his support and energy. love and thanks to the bands we’ve played with, the folks who’ve booked shows with us, and the people who put us up on the road.

fuck the bros.
on facebook: collapse - detroit punk




Collapse (US) Detroit, Michigan

Recommended listening: external speakers or over/on-ear headphones.

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Track Name: Inside the Monster
if words are not upheld by the deeds they will collapse before you die. standing on columns of smoke inside the monster what is your weapon? the point of diminishing returns have come and gone do we have an endless amount of time? inside the monster guts exchanged for idiot anger fight back armed with new weapons ask the spirits you can’t rely on prayer against bought out breeds of soulless people centered on micro-technical-digital connections rather than the eviction of fellow humans living just past someone else’s severed head inside the monster one must suffer with courage work love freedom abhor the brutality of wealth keep watch form opinions fight back inside the monster one must suffer do we have an endless amount of time? fight back
Track Name: Skulls
dragging your skulls up the road to where dread there’s nowhere just the ones you’re with make the best of it animals to death with love on their breath playing in fields evened out now industrial days are done an all-tech requires too much water dragging your souls up the road where do we go? dreading there’s nothing ahead but vacant skulls in the sand staring back to the past
Track Name: Infirmary
this is where it would have ended hunger eats fat and muscle lying vulnerable and ready to die through a haze eyes open and close my branches waving goodbye picked up and cradled awake in a cage force fed they don’t want to let me die i’m a baby again an altered night and day weeks go by now able to stand stare into their eyes what are their intentions? one day this will be a dream i can hear them calling spread wings I am able to fly gloved hands grab below the knees traveling but i’m not moving return to my branches humans smile walk away light darkness falls just a memory of a dream
Track Name: Turned Inward
anger hopelessness turned inward isolation between four walls all the hatred taken in throughout youth options look bleak no choice no control only this body i’ve learned to hate mutilation for no one to see just release fake environments real suffering societal hatred brews inside bubbles into self punishment see only freedom in death four walls razor blades alternative rock radio can’t place this anger turn it inward live and die in a place devoid of nature compassion something big is missing have you heard this band? defiance [oh] and against me! spell out the reasons for my discontent toxic feelings into words you are not alone enter a space where strangers sing together united by hope and rage by blood and pain I need community end the nights of tearing apart my face plucking and shaving and cutting and starving here to be not to be seen girls and boys blur together fuck this capitalist culture I need community
Track Name: BroInsinuation
broinsinuation insinuate yourself into every conversation you stupid fuck you talk too much attention-hungry scenester social capital hoarder macho chauvinist inauthentic interests you say what i say and act like you said it you take what i make and make like you made it take a step back you stupid fuck shut your fucking mouth your voice booms over everyone else’s your laugh makes me want to claw my eyes out what do you have to say? why do you have to say it?
Track Name: Landscapes of Amerikkka
the hills were sacred past tense the boys’ history turns into bad men the hills were sacred past tense the toys we have now battle and pretend but tribes have not gone away try to overcome the threats worksheets to learn this white lie leads our kids astray so another thoughtless head nods yes but tribes have not gone away try to overcome the threats battles raging on never-ending struggle some say war sequestration budget cuts for promised schools die native peoples’ justice begins in the present environmental disaster is not payment the rights of nature are self-evident treaties are not discretionary the hills will always be sacred
Track Name: Brand Violence
unspoken maligned domestic brand violence is defended normal american riding on top of me moral american high horse beast fill the city it’s game day come to boast how we remade a great place ignore another reality drive away once again once against once again many against dream suburban and watch your escape to work and smoke and drink and drive real american seems to slur white anthems feel our awesome power to survive brand violence attack the psyche good job defense hvac contract tech rock and middle man roll hydraulic head dead spirit no soul may your kids sink the ship of parents enemy and family home to own blown up appearance corporate in store name calling ingredients we’ve received your document of privileged assistance looks like another recipe for obedience